Investing in Children

Since 2008 the Phoenix Detached Youth Project has been officially recognised as Investing in Children.

Investing in Children is an organisation concerned with the human rights of children and young people. This means asking questions about the way children and young people are treated in society. Where it is clear that the rights of children and young people are being ignored, Investing in Children works to support children and young people themselves, and adults, to challenge and change situations.

"It is evident that the Phoenix Detached Youth Project are committed to including young people in dialogue in order to alter the service they provide to best suit the young people. Phoenix Detached Youth Project is imaginative in the way they work with young people and how they involve them in service development.

It is clear that they successfully achieve this and that young people are involved in service development and feedback. I look forward to hearing of the developments of all current pieces of work over the next year.

All the young people I met with were all very positive about the Phoenix Project. They felt they have the opportunity to participate in the direction of the project. The young people involved in this report agree with the content.

It is on their behalf that I have no hesitation but to recommend that Phoenix Detached Youth Project become Investing in Children members."

Eleanor Seed
Investing In Children
April 2008

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