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To Inspire Generosity And Make It Effective


The world is full of people who want to make a real difference, but often don’t know where to start, who to support, or how to be most effective.


Rainmaker Foundation connects people and organisations with any cause they care about, harnessing resources to help make the biggest impact. Rainmakers are proactive and committed individuals who believe that generosity matters. They invest their time, expertise or money to improve the lives of others. Together, Rainmakers are a powerful, world-shaping and sustainable force for good.


  • We inspire, enable and maximise the effectiveness of generosity
  • We Inspire Generosity - by unlocking vast potential for people to have impact on the world, building upon their personal interests, aspirations and motivations.
  • We Enable Generosity - by providing secure and confidential advice, infrastructure and support to individuals, families and organisations.
  • We Maximise the Effectiveness of Generosity - by connecting charities all over the world with the skills and resources of our Rainmakers, where their contribution can add real value.